New Vignal 2017 Catalogue

The new 2017 Vignal catalogue contains over 1000 part numbers including new applications for Iveco, Renault Trucks, MAN, Volkswagen, Chereau, Schmitz as well as adapted repair solutions.

Following Vignal’s acquisition of CEA, Vignal, now offer a wide range of LED and halogen beacons, multifunction barlights, CARBONLUX work lights and LED ceiling lights.

The catalogue also integrates different work lights, driving lights and auxiliary lights from ABL and NBB.


Vignal’s range of safety products

– Rear lamps
– Side Markers
– Outline marker lights
– Auxiliary Lights
– Work lights
– Driving lights
– Rotating Beacons
– Cables and plugs
– Camera kits
– Trailer harnesses
– Backup alarms
– Directional lights
– Reverse alarms
– Dom lamps
– Fire extinguisher holders



Contact us for further information on the new range of Vignal lighting and components on 01582 505 252 or email