Single Wall Flame Retardant (SWFR) Tubing

Single wall heat shrink tubing insulates, provide strain relief, and protects against mechanical damage and abrasion. against mechanical damage and abrasion. Our heat shrink tubing offers a high-performance alternative to other approaches for insulation, such as taping and moulding in place. The tubing comes in a wide range of sizes, colours, and materials, varying by product family. When heated to its specified recovery temperature, the tubing shrinks at a prescribed rate to conform to the size and shape of the underlying material.

Further information

Each family conforms with specific aspects of standards such as AMS-DTL-23053. Many are UL recognised, CSA certified and all are RoHS Compliant. Review the products now to determine which might be best for your application, helping to insulate and protect in harsh environments up to 135°C where a high level of flame retardancy is required.

TE Connectivity single wall flame retardent heat shrink tubing

Key benefits

  • Highly flame-retardant, it is an excellent candidate for applications in appliances, motor vehicles, commercial electronics, and consumer electronics given the increased focus on consumer safety

  • Environmentally friendly. Emits minimal amounts of toxic or acidic gasses when burned, making it appropriate for use in enclosed areas

  • Low shrink temperature permits quick installation and reduces the risk of damage to temperature-sensitive components. The X2 thin wall version shrinks quickly, and the X4 very thin wall version can shrink more than twice as fast as the X2