AGASTAT GP, ML and TR Series

Among the advances AGASTAT GP/ML/TR control relays offer over existing designs is a unique contact operating mechanism. An articulated arm assembly amplifies the movement of the solenoid core, allowing the use of a short stroke coil to produce an extremely wide contact gap. The long support arms used in conventional relays are eliminated. Both current capacity and shock/vibration tolerance are greatly increased, as well as life expectancy.

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Key benefits

  • Occupies very small panel space

  • May be mounted singly, in continuous rows or in groups

  • Magnetic blowout device option increases DC current carrying ability approximately ten times for both N.O. and N.C. contacts. In both AC and DC operation, the addition of the device will normally double the contact life, due to reduced arcing

  • 4 SPDT contacts

  • Available with screw terminal moulded socket