AGASTAT 7000 Series

There are three main components of Series 7000 Timing.Relays: Timing Head circulates air through a variable length to provide linearly adjustable timing. Patented design provides easy adjustment and long service life under severe operating conditions. Precision-Wound Potted Coil Total sealing without external leads eliminates moisture problems, gives maximum insulation value. Snap-Action Switch Assembly— custom-designed over-center mechanism provides snap action. Standard switches are DPDT arrangement. Each of these sub-assemblies forms self-contained modules assembled at the factory with the other two to afford a wide choice of operating types, coil voltages, and timing ranges. The squared design with front terminals and rear mounting permits the grouping of Series 7000 units side-by-side in minimum panel space. Auxiliary switches may be added in the base of the unit, without affecting the overall width or depth.

Further information

AGASTAT 7000 Series

Many mounting options — Surface mount, Panel mount, Octal plug-in mounting

Options: quick-connect terminals, dial stops, and transient protection module

AGASTAT 7000 Series

Key benefits

  • Available in on-delay, true off-delay, and on/off-delay

  • Timing from 0.1 seconds to 60 minutes, in linear increments

  • Oversize adjustment knobs, serrated with high-resolution markings visible from all angles makes the timer easy to set timers

  • Inherent transient immunity

  • Standard voltages from 6-550VAC and 12-550VDC (special voltages available)

  • Available in 2-pole or 4-pole models

  • Numerous enclosure options — explosion proof, dust tight, watertight, hermetically-sealed, NEMA 1

  • Auxiliary timed and instantaneous switches can be added for greater switching flexibility

  • Easy-to-reach screw terminals, all on the face of the unit, clearly identified

  • Modular assembly — timing head, coil assembly and switchblock are all individual modules, with switches field-replaceable