Stud Terminals

The stud technology allows all power distribution configurations and improves wiring secureness thanks to “Pull-out proof" connection (stud+lug). The HD terminal blocks provides a large scope of 1 and 2 studs configurations with different types of washers and nuts (Onduflex®, Trep®, Grover®). The D type power blocks provide an alternative with specific locking foot and rotative covers. The RGW terminal blocks offer a combination of fast and secured wiring, with captive nuts in a pivoting wing.

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Key benefits

  • Environmental tests: aging, corrosion, flammability, toxicity (I2F2, V0, HL3 R22)

  • Captive wire connection: stud + ring lug

  • Anti-vibration and anti-loosening equipments: self locking nuts, spring washers