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Jokon 810 Modular Rear Light System

The 810 modular rear light system has been specially designed and developed by JOKON for manufacturers of caravans, mobile homes and buses. The combination of modules, the mounting frame and an individual decoration frame, the design of which can be reserved and protected for you, allow you to give your vehicle an individual and distinctive appearance with only comparatively small investment in the tooling of the decoration frame. The system is available in 12 and 24 V. Furthermore, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally and can be surface mounted or built in using an appropriately designed decoration frame.

Jokon 810

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Jokon 810 Part Number


Part Number Type Description
10.2091.800 M BRSM 810/12 V Modular Rear Light
10.2091.840 M BRS 810/12 V Modular Stop / Tail Light
10.2091.810 M BL 810/12 V Modular DI
10.2091.820 M SN 810/12 V Modular Fog Light
10.2091.830 M W 810/12 V Modular Reversing Light
10.2091.850 M R 810 Modular Reflex Reflector
19.2027.000 Deco Frame for 2 modules (top LH / bottom RH)
19.2028.000 Deco Frame for 2 modules (top RH / bottom LH)
19.2029.000 Deco Cover
19.2024.000 Deco Frame for 4 modules
19.2030.000 Mounting frame for 1 module
19.2031.000 Mounting frame for 2 modules
19.2020.000 Mounting frame for 3 modules
19.2021.000 Mounting frame for 4 modules
19.2022.000 Mounting frame for 5 modules