AGASTAT SST Series Industrial Grade Discrete Plug-in Time Delay Relay covers nine ranges spanning 0.1 sec. to 120 min. Simple and fast setting adjustment with a time calibrated knob housed in a flame retardant housing. The TE AGASTAT SST range consist of SST1 On Delay, SST2 Off Delay, SST3 Interval, SST4 One Shot and SST7 Repeat Cycle. On-Delay, Interval and Repeat types have 8- pin octal plug that fits either a 27E122 or 27E891 socket. Off-Delay and One Shot types have 11-pin octal-type plug that fit 27E123 or 27E892 sockets. Sockets must be ordered separately.

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Key benefits

  • Time delays to 120 min

  • Superior transient protection

  • Flame retardant housing

  • Fast setting with time calibrated knobs

  • Rugged construction with an 8 or 11pin plug