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New 800A load break switch from Katko

Katko introduces the new KU 800A load break switch. It’s the first in its size category that is produced from totally recyclable materials.


The new 800A load break switch has been designed and manufactured to meet industrial standards. The short circuit value is even up to 28 kA (1 s, 690V).


This switch has accessories and possibilities that allow multiple uses. It is available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole versions and change-over solutions. Auxiliaries can be added even up to 8 pieces. The switch can be ordered with direct handle or with a shaft. The list of accessories includes also terminal covers and phase barriers.


Katko is focused to develop and manufacture load break switches and other related products for demanding operating environments and critical locations; making products that are easy to use and install.


Need a load break switch? Why not invest in Katko?



KU800A Load Break Switch

Photo 1. Katko KU 3800


Type AC-23 690 V AC-23 1000 V EAN code Weight
Ie / A P / kW Ie / A kg
3 poles 6 poles 3 poles 6 poles 3 poles 6 poles
KU 3630 KU 6630 630 A 630 kW 6419410483626 6419410483664 4.545 8.985
KU 3800 KU 6800 800 A 800 kW 400 A 6419410483633 6419410483671 4.545 8.985
KU 3630CO 630 A 630 kW 6419410483701 8.985
KU 3800CO 800 A 800 kW 400 A 6419410483718 8.985
4 poles 8 poles 4 poles 8 poles 4 poles 8 poles
KU 4630 KU 8630 630 A 630 kW 6419410483640 6419410483688 5.645 11.185
KU 4800 KU 8800 800 A 800 kW 400 A 6419410483657 6419410483695 5.645 11.185
KU 4630CO 630 A 630 kW 6419410483725 11.185
KU 4800CO 800 A 800 kW 400 A 6419410483732 11.185
CO = Change-over switch

Table 1. Katko KU 800A products


Available to order in August, contact Dalroad for further information on the new  Katko KU 800 load break switch on 01582 505 252 or email sales@dalroad.com.


Katko Oy is a family company from Finland. We manufacture load break switches, safety isolators, switch fuses and other related products with experience of more than 70 years. We supply our products globally and about 70% of our products are delivered out of our domestic market. We have regular customers in more than 60 countries around the world.

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