AC Motors – Important Reminder for Industrial Users

The global energy efficiency classification reference as laid out in the standard IEC/EN60034-30 covers many areas and includes single speed, low-voltage 3-phase induction motors and states that all new motors in the range 0.75KW to 375KW (2, 4, and 6 pole) must be clearly marked with their efficiency and efficiency class, for example IE2, IE3 etc. This system replaces previous notations EFF1, EFF2 etc.

For example previous ‘High Efficiency’ motors marked EFF1 have now become IE2 and a new ‘Premium Efficiency’ class IE3 has been introduced to the market. EFF2 motors are now obsolete.

Mandatory minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) have been introduced across the world to help reduce the rising demand for electricity, to save energy, reduce carbon footprint and to assist governments in reaching their targets for CO2  emissions.

From 1st January 2017 IE3 motors MUST be used for new purchases and are a good choice for single speed applications although higher inrush currents can cause problems with existing circuit protection or starting equipment, contactors, manual motor starters, etc.

However IE2 motors CAN still be used and are a good lower cost option to IE3 motors but MUST be fitted with a Variable Speed Drive such as the new S100 series from LS Industrial Systems to comply.

In the case of a fan or a centrifugal pump for example, fitting an S100 to an IE2 motor can give the user significant energy savings over and above a premium efficiency IE3 motor driving the fan/pump. For example, reducing the S100 output frequency from 50Hz to 40Hz will slow down the load and savings of around 50% are common place.

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