PV Photovoltaic DC Switches

KATKO’s PV switch is used to break direct current so that solar panels or an inverter can be safely isolated for maintenance. PV switch can be installed for individual panels or a string of panels. Made of self-extinguishing material the Katko Photovoltaic (PV) isolators have been developed to be durable under difficult climatic conditions and require no extra protective coating. Ranging up to 32A 1200V DC, DC21B - The Katko range has been built in order to ensure safety, reliability and performance. With superior temperature performance including good resistance against UV and many chemicals. The Katko photovoltaic range is excellent for Solar Panel systems. Dalroad is an authorised distributor of KATKO products. For further information regarding specific DC switches, see product data sheets below or contact our dedicated sales teams for a quote.

DC Switches


Dalroad provides an extensive range of reliable and optimum-performance DC switches for a number of industry applications. Designed to be environmentally-friendly and easy to install, all while conforming to both British Standard EN 12101-3 for smoke and heat control systems and IEC 60947-3 safety standards.


KATKO has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of switches, AC and DC isolators and accessories. KATKO’s products are designed to meet the highest safety requirements and performance standards whilst being environmentally-friendly.