Series 99 – Discontinued

The series 99 contains indicators and illuminated pushbuttons with maintained and momentary action with one or two contacts which may be either normally open or normally closed or a combination of the two. The illuminated pushbuttons are equipped with the low-level switching system. The series 99 PCB keylock switch with a spacing of 19.05 mm completes the existing range of indicators and illuminated pushbuttons. The PCB keylock switch is available with two and three positions, with maintained action, and with either one or two normally open contacts as well as with one normally open and one normally closed one.

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EAO Series 99

Key benefits

  • The Series 84 incorporates the following functions:

  • Indicator - Single/Double/Triple

  • Pushbutton - Single/Double/Triple

  • Illuminated pushbutton - Single/Double/Triple

  • Keylock switch