88-way plug-in connection

The 88-way plug-in connection is used for the connection of Motronic control units. There are various grip mouldings to suit the required outgoing cable direction. On installation, the wiring-harness connector is swivelled in and locked with a steel lever.

Bosch 88-way plug-in connection

Key benefits

  • Secondary locking possible

  • Versions for outgoing cable on either left or right

  • Vibration resistance: approx. 3 g

  • Temperature range: -40⁰C…+85⁰C

  • Degree of sealing: IP 30

  • Connection cross-sections: 0.35…2.5mm² (2.8mm contact), 0.35…0.75mm² (1.6mm)

  • Suitable contacts: 26x 2.8mm flat spring contacts, 62x 1.6mm flat spring contacts

  • Contact spacing/posts: 2.8mm contact; 5mm/2.8mm, 1.6mm contact; 3.25mm/1.6mm