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Deutsch connectors are specifically designed for demanding applications

Failure in an electrical system can be expensive to diagnose, and downed equipment can stop entire operations. When round-the-clock operations are needed for over 70 years, design engineers have used environmentally sealed Deutsch connectors that are capable of holding up to extreme conditions in a wide range of industries, including Industrial commercial transportation, off-highway applications, construction, aerospace, and more.


Deutsch connectors are specifically designed for demanding applications where dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray and rough terrain can contaminate or damage electrical connections and systems.


In heavy industries, vibration, temperature extremes, chemicals and fluids all take their toll on electrical systems and one small leak or fault can stop a production line or immobilise a vehicle.


Deutsch offers a range of connectors specific to various applications. In order to identify which series Deutsch connector, is needed for your application, the following needs to be identified:

  • Wire gauge
  • Pin
  • Application environment (for example, exposed to heat, moisture and vibrations)


Designed with ease of use in mind, Deutsch connectors provide easy field repairs, the insert design is field-repairable, allowing engineers to make a repair to the connector after installation. Deutsch connector applications include ECUs, engines, control boxes, lights and CAN systems. They incorporate several features such as rugged metal or thermoplastic shells, durable contacts, watertight seals, and a firm, secure locking mechanism.


The rugged metal and thermoplastic shells are made from high-quality materials able to withstand harsh conditions. Deutsch’s metal connectors are designed to withstand the force and shock of hard impacts that connectors face in rough environmental conditions, while the high-grade thermoplastic connectors are lightweight and engineered to be flame resistant and extremely chemical resistant. The fluid resistant seals are crucial for connectors working in harsh environments. Deutsch silicone seals and plugs fit tightly in the connector grommet, providing a gastight, watertight and reliable environmental seal.


Fluid-resistant seals are crucial for connectors working in harsh environments. Deutsch silicone seals and grommets work together to provide redundant barriers to contamination by fitting tightly around the wire insulation and connector interface. Resistant to most common industrial and engine fluids, they never require potting or dielectric grease, and retain their flexibility across a wide temperature range. Deutsch industrial seals create a gastight, watertight, reliable environmental seal that will prevent corrosion and contamination interrupting the continuity of flow.


Proper contact alignment is another important aspect of environmentally sealed electrical connectors. Secondary locks snap into or onto the mating face of a connector to help make sure that the contacts slide together properly when the connectors are mated. Many of TE’s Deutsch connectors feature secondary locks that are commonly referred to as wedgelocks or terminal position assurance (TPA). Deutsch secondary locks provide additional stability to both the contact barrel and the mated connectors. A number of Deutsch wedgelocks are offered with keying options, further enhancing their design flexibility. A firm, secure locking mechanism able to withstand vibration and shock is critical to maintaining a reliable connector engagement in rugged applications. Deutsch industrial connectors are held together by push-latches or threaded coupling rings or tightened together by jackscrews.


Their locking mechanisms are easy to engage and disengage and give an audible or tactile signal when they are securely fastened. Once fastened, the locking mechanisms are able to prevent disengagement due to vibration or impact.


Deutsch automotive connectors have been relied upon in challenging environments and are environmentally-sealed for use on applications from engines to braking systems, providing a firm, secure cable-to-cable connection.


Deutsch connectors are available in rectangular or cylindrical body shapes and feature wide operating temperature ranges and are available through Dalroad. We specialise in a wide range of automotive, industrial automation and control products for various applications and are able to provide specialised support and technical assistance.


Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch backshells
DT Backshells


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DT Series


DT Detector
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TE HDP20 connectors
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DT Dust Caps
DT Dust Caps


DT Mounting Clips
DT Mounting Clips


TE Deutsch DTHD Series
DTHD Series


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