Terminal blocks are normally used to connect a wire to a PCB; DIN rail terminal blocks connect the wire. Depending on the field of use, they are fitted to mounting rails or mounted directly. In practical use, spring terminal technology has also established itself alongside screw connection technology. For setting up a complete system of DIN rail terminal blocks, PTR differentiate between ten different product families. In addition to the various forms of feed-through terminal blocks, these include earth, neutral disconnect, fuse, test disconnect and transformer terminal blocks.


SRD Double Deck Terminals

S19_SRD_4 520x340

SRID 3 Level Initiator Terminals

S60_SRID_2_5 520x340

SR Feed through Terminals

SR Feed through terminal

SRT Disconnect Terminals

S67_SRT_4-S 520x340

SRDIS 3 Level Installation Terminals

S54_SRDIS_2_5-PE-L-NT 520x340

SRNT Neutral Disconnect Terminals

S50_SRNT_4-6x6 520x340

SRSI Fuse Terminals

S75_SRSI_10-T32-K 520x340

SR Yellow Green Feed through Terminals

S28_SR_35_N-DPE 520x340

SRP Test Disconnect Terminals

S78_SRPL_10-STB 520x340

SRM Direct Mounting Terminals

SRM Direct Mounting Terminals | Dalroad

SRSL Earth Terminals

SRSL Earth Terminals | Dalroad