Vignal Rear / Side View Camera Kits

Where rear visibility is an issue, Vignal camera kits offer varying camera angles to ensure the safest possible rear view camera system. Available in a range of universal wired and wireless rear view camera kits. Vignal offer a 12/24 volt dual voltage camera kit reversing aid solution, to improve visibility. The high performance, driving assistant allows driver to see objects or people that would not have been seen otherwise. Alleviating blind spots, Vignal Systems rear view camera kits are available as either a 5 inch or 7 inch high resolution TFT LCD (standard/split screen) monitor display. Providing users 8 languages including French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German and Italian - Vignal camera kits offer optimum drivers assistance.

D14329 slim video camera kit

D14329 slim video camera kit

D14328 Wireless Digital CCTV Wi-Fi Kit


D13616 CCTV Touch Screen Camera Kits

D13616 video camera cable kit

D13494 video camera cable kit


A10091 Rear view CCTV System



Vignal Systems is acknowledged for its range of innovative and high-quality products, including rear lamps, position lamps, directional lights, license plate lights, and trailer signalling systems, thus making it an acknowledged European leader on both OEM and after markets.


With its long experience, Vignal Systems has always been at the forefront of new technologies. It was the first manufacturer to introduce series production of 100% LED back lights on a line of trucks in Europe.